From GB18: Highland Blast gathers pace

Congrats to Ryan McAdam and his seven friends way up in the North of Scotland, who are already at an eye-popping three-quarters of the way to their £1000 GameBlast18 target!

They’ll be running a 24-hour gaming marathon on Saturday 24 February at The Bike Shed, and arts venue in Inverness. They’re expecting well over 40 people to turn up to watch and join in the fun.

“We’ll have a wide variety of consoles on offer for everyone to enjoy”, said Ryan, “both from the current-gen (PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch) to the retro (NES/SNES/Playstation 2). The games will be couch co-op style, ranging from Overcooked, to Rocket League, to Mario Kart Deluxe 8, as we hope to bring gamers together to have fun together. We’ll also have competitions for games such as Overwatch, a Mario Kart Grand Prix, James Bond 007: Nightfire (for you retro gods) and more!”

Nice one Ryan and friends, that’s an awesome build-up and needless to say, if you’re in the area, do go along to support the team and play a few games at the same time!