From GB18: Steve to lose 15-year locks for GameBlast18

Steve Ashley’s going to have to turn the central heating up a notch at the end of the month.

He’s having his head shaved for GameBlast18.

For Steve, this isn’t a trivial matter. He’s had long hair for the past 15 years and it’s very much part of his identity.

“Chances are I’ll need an appropriate anaesthetic, namely a large G&T,” said Steve, a consultant for an Cheltenham-based engineering firm.

He’ll be hosting a free event at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham on February 25. There will be PC games, board games, an Elite Dangerous RPG demo, a raffle, and will culminate in Steve’s locks being lopped off.

“Everyone’s most welcome to come along and show their support,” he said, “It’ll be greatly appreciated.”

You can donate to ease Steve’s apprehension at

It’s fair to describe Steve as a born-again gamer. After years of playing computer games as a child (from the ZX Spectrum all the way through to the Sega Dreamcast), his interest in computer games faded during his 20s. However, his love for gaming for reborn when he discovered Elite:Dangerous, where he’s famed as the intrepid yet totally aimless CMDR FluffyBun. It’s through playing Elite that he discovered SpecialEffect.

Thanks Steve, all of us here appreciate what a big thing this will be for you!