From GB18: Alex plays with his eyes

We’re super-excited that Alex is GameBlasting for us this weekend!

Alex has spinal muscular atrophy and his muscles have become weaker over time. “I used to be able to use a regular keyboard and mouse or controller,” he says on his Justgiving page, “but since the age of around 16, I’ve lost that ability.”

“SpecialEffect have helped me get the most out of my computer experience, offering advice on what I could try. I made the decision to purchase my own eye gaze camera and I honestly don’t know what I would do without one. It’s one of the main ways I operate the computer – including playing video games!”

Alex has already used eye-control as part of his gaming setup to play games like Football Manager and Minecraft, and this weekend he’ll be taking on Heroes of the Storm and Dark Souls 3.

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Thanks Alex, hope you have a great time gaming!