RuneScape communities unite for GameBlast19

Screenshot of the stream schedule

The United Communities of RuneScape, a group bought together by SpecialEffect Ambassador Tracy Wise, will be staging a series of back-to-back livestreams across the whole GameBlast19 weekend.

The relationship between RuneScape and GameBlast goes back to the very beginning of the event in 2014, with players raising £100,000s over the subsequent years.

This year, Tracy Wise has brought together a group called the United Communities of RuneScape. We asked Tracy and her team to tell us a little more about what they’re planning and what’s inspired them to GO LARGE for GameBlast19.

“SpecialEffect means so much to us, because their work gives everyone the opportunity to be involved in gaming, which is why we decided to get involved and raise funds and awareness for this amazing charity.

We felt we needed to make sure the game our group met and made lifelong relationships through GameBlast19, so we reached out to the RS3 and OSRS communities and have received a phenomenal response from content creators, artists and streamers alike.

We now have a range of streams and auctions right across the weekend. It’s shown not only the generosity of the supporters but also brought to light a huge amount of new and emerging talent, which we’re running alongside some of the biggest and brightest stars of our community.

This goes to show how much our communities can achieve when we unite for a common goal, and what we can achieve when we work together. We can’t wait to see what the guys get up to!”

You can donate to the stream at

And there’s an auction…

In addition, an auction of awesome RuneScape and other gaming memorabilia will be running from 17 to 24 February. Head over to see what’s on offer and put on a bid here:

Huge thanks and the very best of luck to Team Tracy, Vicky, Dan, Simon, Jack, Jagex Liaison Poerkie and everyone at the United Communities of RuneScape!