Ultimate Pro Gaming are Blasting!

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The Ultimate Pro Gaming team, lead by SpecialEffect Ambassador David Ravenhill, will be taking on their third and most ambitious GameBlast yet – a 24-hour live stream for GameBlast19 playing over 20 different games, including Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem, Minecraft, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Read Dead Redemption 2!

This year will see their YouTube show – The UPG Show – in an extended format, featuring hosts David Ravenhill and Hannah Potter playing games while blindfolded in a retro run, dressing as pirates while taking on Sea Of Thieves, and attempting to work as a team on Catastronauts… which never seems to happen!

UPG will also be joined by GAME Worthing who will be taking part in the activities throughout the night to help raise as much awareness as possible.

“Here at UPG we are all big gamers and love the gaming industry, supporting SpecialEffect and the work they do means so much to us and to be able to help disabled players get back in the game is truly rewarding,” said David.

UPG will be live for GameBlast19 from 12pm Midday on February 23rd through to 12pm Midday on February 24th. The show will be live on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/ultimateprogaming at the following times. You can donate at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/UPGOfficial

3pm – 5pm – February 23rd – Blindfolded Retro Run

9pm – 11pm – February 23rd – Sea Of Thieves

3am – 5am – February 24th – Catastronauts

9am – 11am – February 24th – Super Mario Party