Will games again!

Will in a wheelchair with his new gaming setup

We’ll always do our best to enable disabled gamers to squeeze the most out of their abilities, and sometimes that means a little help from friends.

Frankie and Gill, two of our therapists, visited Will this week. He has Friedreich’s ataxia, a disease that causes his movements to be slow and difficult, and affects his hands and co-ordination. He and his family are big gamers and love a range of games from W2K19 to Lego Harry Potter and Assassins Creed.

Will showed Frankie and Gill that playing his games with a standard controller is pretty much impossible for him. They worked for several hours together, trying out various combinations of alternative control setups, and found that a large joystick and some buttons to replicate the face buttons was the best way to finally give him control of some of his more straightforward games. He was absolutely delighted! 

Will’s still going to need the help of his family and friends for quicker, more complicated games, but they’re more than happy to pitch in using a standard controller alongside his setup!

We’ll be there for Will in the future if he needs to tweak his gaming controls or try out an entirely new setup. It’s all part of our lifelong service, making gaming wishes come true for some of the most disabled and disadvantaged people in the UK and beyond!